The Bright Initiative Inaugurates Internship Program by Welcoming a King’s College London Student

As part of a wider partnership with King’s College London, The Bright Initiative has welcomed an outstanding undergraduate to take part in an immersive 8-week internship.

Education is one of the pillars on which The Bright Initiative was founded; being a pioneering organization, we believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge with the next generation. This summer, we have inaugurated a new collaboration with King’s College London, one of the world’s most prestigious universities and research institutions, welcoming an undergraduate of the school for an immersive 8-week internship program at Bright Data.

The undergraduate student has taken the role of Brand Voice & Marketing Operations Intern and will work with a team of world-class professionals at Bright Data to learn the ins and outs of the company and the overall data industry. The student has demonstrated excellent skills suited to work in one of the most competitive sectors of the tech industry.

’њThis is not just an internship. You can have an impact on a very successful and rapidly growing company,’ќ Bright Data’s CEO Or Lenchner told the interns at a welcome session. ’њSometimes, the feedback we get from outsiders is very valuable. We’ve been here doing what we’re doing for a while, and in many cases, we’re blind to things that are very obvious to outsiders.’ќ

The Bright Initiative’s partnership with King’s College London also includes workshops and masterclasses, as well as the Business Opportunity Accelerator Project.