The Bright

Using data for good to
create a better tomorrow

Our mission

To provide direct access to pioneering web data technology to:

Fuel academic research & educational programs

Help resolve pressing social injustice issues

Promote public well-being & environmental protection

Promote web transparency & global standards

About The Bright Initiative

The Bright Initiative is a global program and organization that uses public web data to drive positive change. Powered by Bright Data, one of the world’s most powerful web data platforms, the Initiative provides public bodies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions around the world with data and expertise to tackle the most pressing global issues of our time. To date, the Initiative includes over 120 organizations and universities. 

Why Join?

Joining the Initiative provides direct access to Bright Data’s technology, know-how, support, and expertise. In addition, partner organizations enjoy multiple benefits including free access to our web platform

We focus on three areas:

Public Well-being & Environmental Protection 

Supporting social justice initiatives & saving lives, & driving forward environmental protection campaigns. 

Education and research

Powering critical, life-saving research as well as educating the next generation of data scientists

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Promotion of Web
Transparency & Global Standards

Championing programs and initiatives that promote integrity on the World Wide Web.

A word
from our

I think the recent session was highly informative; learning about what bots are and the ethical issues surrounding them.

upReach Associate

I really found the recent session engaging and I learnt more than I hoped!

upReach Associate

The Bright Initiative by Bright Data has been an extremely valuable partner in helping us meet our growing demands for online data, as we’re able to outsource our data collection and management efforts. Without their technology, we’d be forced to build and maintain datasets manually every time we partner with a new company, which would take time and resources away from our team’s ultimate goal of matching underrepresented talent with their dream jobs.

Dave Walsh, Co-founder, and CEO of Mathison

By using Bright Data’s services, thanks to The Bright Initiative, I can overcome the bad actors’ methods and identify and differentiate the bad sites from the good ones. This obviously also helps the community – by letting them know about current cyber threats.

Roman Hussy, Founder of

We offer:

  • Direct access to our web data technology
  • Attuned support from beginning to end of projects, and 24/7 assistance
  • Consulting and advice on data-driven projects
  • Professional workshops and practical webinars

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