The Bright Initiative is a global program and organization that uses public web data to drive positive change. Powered by Bright Data, one of the world’s most powerful web data platforms, the Initiative provides public bodies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions around the world with data and expertise to tackle the most pressing global issues of our time. To date, the Initiative includes over 350 organizations and universities, such as Princeton University, Oxford University, Virginia Tech, and many more.

The Initiative was established in order to address and combat the most crucial global issues. We have seen firsthand the sheer power and necessity of public web data in the commercial space, and we knew that this could extend to aiding in the critical work of non-profits/NGOs/academic institutions, etc. This is why we partner with such incredible organizations, offering our technology and expertise in order to drive change where it is needed most.
Joining the Initiative provides direct access to Bright Data’s technology, know-how, support, and vast expertise. You will enjoy multiple benefits, including free access to our web platform, free professional workshops and courses as well as mentorship.

Any academic institute, public sector body, non-governmental organization, or non-profit organization that addresses one or more of the following goals:

  1. Promotes data-driven research and professional expertise
  2. Fights social injustice
  3. Supports environmental causes such as fighting global climate change
  4. Promotes web-transparency and a trusted digital ecosystem
  5. Promotes and drives forward data-driven strategies to benefit our economy and society
  • An organization (universities included) can use Bright Data’s products and services to drive critical research forward.
  • An organization (universities included) can use one of Bright Data’s products as a teaching tool – e.g. universities are using the Bright Data Data Collector as a teaching tool for their departments and others are using the web data network as a way to reach accurate and relevant public data
  • Holding expert-led sessions – for example, King’s College holds data-focused masterclasses with the Initiative, while we hold responsible data management sessions with Hong Kong University
  • An NGO, accelerator, or NPO wishing to receive help with web data collection, e.g., Elem uses Bright Data products to reach teenagers that may suffer from abusive homes. Subak Climate, an accelerator based in the UK, uses us to provide environmental data for their research.
  • University internships: This year we held our first internship with King’s College.
  • Commercial companies that wish to partner in driving forward the Initiative’s goals, e.g., Microsoft Israel has partnered with us to run a session on responsible AI/bots with King’s College.
  • Commercial companies working to benefit society, e.g., Mathison partnered with us since they promote a diversified workforce.
  • Public bodies: e.g., we are providing support to the UK’s National Data Strategy (NDS) by taking part in the working Forum established by the UK government and dedicating considerable resources to the development of the NDS.

Have another idea about how we can collaborate?

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