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Exposing illicit flows in real estate and private investments.
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The Anti-Corruption Data Collective (ACDC) is a consortium of esteemed journalists, data analysts, academics, and policy advocates. Their mission is to unveil and counteract transnational corruption. With a vast network spanning over 100 countries, the Collective collaborates with local non-profits, journalists, and experts. Their primary focus is to spotlight malpractices in the real estate and private investment sectors, using their findings to advocate for legal and practical reforms.

  • Enabling efficient data collection from the French Registrar using Bright Data’s proxy services
  • Driving policy reforms, fostering global business transparency using public data


ACDC’s challenge was to delve deep into corporate governance and trace corruption pathways, particularly in the real estate and private investment sectors. To achieve this, they required vast amounts of data from the French company registrar website. Through partnering with The Bright Initiative, they now utilize Data Center Proxies. This tool allows them to securely and efficiently gather the necessary data, enabling a comprehensive analysis of corporate governance practices and pinpointing corruption instances.

Fantastic user experience!
We’ve had a great experience so far with Bright Data. Our project manager has been extremely helpful explaining access and products, and so far the services we’ve used from them through our investigative work at Anti-Corruption Data have opened way more research opportunities than we could have hoped for.

David Szakonyi, Co-Founder, Anti-Corruption Data Collective


Through their meticulous investigations, ACDC has been instrumental in promoting transparency and accountability in the global business landscape. Their research is paving the way for policy changes aimed at curbing corruption at its roots, ensuring a fairer and more just international business environment.

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