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Elem, a non-profit organization based in Israel, dedicates its work to the wellbeing of at-risk youth in the country. Recognizing the rampant issue of sexual abuse among teenagers, Elem has launched a groundbreaking project in collaboration with The Bright Initiative. By harnessing Bright Data’s Web Scraping platform, they use the power of public web data to identify social media profiles of youth that exhibit signs of potential abuse.


The challenge lies in detecting instances of abuse early to provide timely support to the victims. Utilizing The Bright Initiative’s resources, Elem has developed a machine learning system that analyzes collected data from social media profiles. The system is trained on data from previously abused individuals, which allows it to recognize signs of abuse in other profiles. Through this innovative approach, Elem is equipped to reach out to potential victims proactively, reducing risk levels, ensuring their safety, and bringing cases to the attention of appropriate authorities.


This partnership is a beacon of hope in the fight against teenage sexual abuse in Israel. By employing state-of-the-art technology and leveraging publicly available data, this partnership has empowered Elem to reach and support vulnerable youth like never before. The project has proven instrumental in not only identifying potential victims but also in providing them with the necessary assistance and care. It illustrates the transformative power of technology when harnessed for a humanitarian cause, resulting in a tangible positive change in the lives of at-risk teenagers.

Today, we are able to provide for and protect tens of thousands Israeli at-risk teens
with the support of the Bright Initiative, whereas previously we were only able to
identify hundreds of these abuse cases within the same time frame, as a best case
scenario, if we employed our entire team to focus on just this aspect of our work.”

Smadar Ben Ami, ELEM

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