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Using AI to combat human trafficking on social media platforms
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Humans Against Trafficking Bright Initiative


Humans Against Trafficking is a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent human trafficking through the development of software platforms and large-scale social media campaigns. They employ Artificial Intelligence and image recognition technologies to identify at-risk children on social media, aiming to outpace traffickers in identifying potential victims. By understanding traffickers and victims through research-based insights, they can educate and protect children against the recruitment tactics of traffickers.

  • Using AI to identify at-risk children on social media platforms
  • Educating and empowering individuals, reducing potential trafficking incidents


Traffickers have been exploiting technology, particularly social media, to prey on vulnerable children, leveraging their desires for connection, success, and validation. Humans Against Trafficking recognized this challenge and developed a mobile app that uses advanced AI analytics to monitor potential human trafficking threats on platforms like Instagram. With the support of The Bright Initiative and the technology provided by Bright Data, they can access and gather publicly available social media data, enabling them to identify at-risk children before traffickers can reach them.


The collaboration with The Bright Initiative and the utilization of Bright Data’s technology has empowered Humans Against Trafficking to proactively identify and protect potential victims on social media. Their efforts not only safeguard children from the dangers of trafficking but also raise awareness and educate the public about the tactics and strategies used by traffickers. This proactive approach has the potential to significantly reduce the number of children falling victim to trafficking on social media platforms.