Tackling Gender Equality in the Workplace

Using data to bridge the gender divide in Israel’s tech sector
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Senior-It, co-founded by Shay Yahal and Shira Asa-El, is an organization dedicated to using data to map, present, and analyze the differences between men and women’s career paths in the tech industry. Their vision is to illuminate the steps Israeli tech companies can take to enhance workforce diversity and combat systemic barriers that hinder women from advancing in the industry.


When hiring a data analyst for her team, Yahal noticed that only one out of the thirty applications received was a woman. Driven to understand the underrepresentation of women in senior tech roles and how to bring more women to these positions, Yahal and Asa-El began their research. Despite 33% of university computer science graduates being women, this statistic wasn’t mirrored in tech teams. To address this, they collaborated with The Bright Initiative. Leveraging Bright Data’s pre-existing LinkedIn Dataset, they were able to analyze vast amounts of data, discerning market trends and understanding the career trajectories of women in tech.

Senior it bright initiative
Source: Arik Sultan

I was surprised by how comfortable and easy the process had been with The Bright Initiative. In several hours, we had all the data we needed from LinkedIn. The existence of this initiative is extraordinary, especially since data is something so valuable – the fact that people can simply use it to do good should not be taken for granted.

Shay Yahal, Senior-it


The research unveiled that major corporations tend to have a more significant female workforce. This insight suggests that women in tech often gravitate towards workplaces offering stability and mentorship opportunities. Additionally, the study illuminated distinct variations in how men and women portray themselves on LinkedIn, which subsequently affects their professional prospects and salary negotiations.

There are a lot of projects aimed at bringing women to tech, but few projects focus on the part of the funnel of getting women to advance from junior to senior positions. The value we got from Bright Data is immense; it powered our research, and without Bright Data’s help, I don’t think we would have had any information.

Shira Asa-El, Senior-it

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