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Transparency International is a renowned global movement dedicated to combating corruption. Operating in over 100 countries, its mission is to eradicate corruption and promote transparency, accountability, and integrity at all societal levels. The Russian branch of Transparency International, a pivotal part of this movement, focuses on exposing corrupt practices and holding public officials accountable. They have launched various projects that aim to create a comprehensive, searchable database of Russian public officials, laws etc. These initiatives are crucial for fostering a corruption-free society and ensuring public access to vital information regarding officials and legislation.


The primary challenge for Transparency International-Russia was gathering and processing vast amounts of public data from official websites. This task required sophisticated data collection and analysis tools to efficiently scrape, parse, and structure the information into a user-friendly, searchable format. To overcome these challenges, they reached out to The Bright Initiative for assistance. The collaboration involved utilizing Bright Data’s Residential and ISP Proxies to access and collect publicly available data for their projects. These tools were critical in bypassing geographical restrictions and ongoing access limitations imposed on Russian official websites.


The collaboration with The Bright Initiative significantly enhanced the effectiveness and reach of Transparency International-Russia projects. By using advanced proxy infrastructure, organizations could gather data more efficiently, leading to a richer and more comprehensive database. This improved database has become an invaluable tool for journalists, activists, and citizens, enabling them to easily access and scrutinize meaningful and relevant information about Russian officials. The project’s success is reflected in Transparency International-Russia’s 2023 annual report, which highlights the vital role of such projects in promoting open governance and reducing corruption. The partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in leveraging technology for social good and the fight against corruption.

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