Celebrating the women of The Bright Initiative

In honor of International Women’s Day this year, we decided to take a deeper look into the incredibly strong, bold, and intelligent women of The Bright Initiative – our partners.

Their work inspires us – whether it is through the organizations they work for that are changing lives, or through critical research they’re undertaking that will make the world a better place – their willingness and drive to make a difference is incredibly inspiring to all of us at The Bright Initiative!

So – we set out to learn from three of our partners, what and/or who inspires them. Below you can find their answers:

“Nature inspires me every day. I truly believe that everything we need is already within us and that it only needs to be activated. Being in nature helps me to reconnect with myself and to realize that I am part of something much bigger and at the same time it makes me feel small. Obstacles in my life then feel rather irrelevant too. Sitting on the train on my way to work and passing beautiful landscapes with lakes and mountains really helps me to find the inspiration for the day ahead and appreciate life in general. I believe that connecting with nature and therefore reconnecting with myself really is the basis for everything.”

Stephanie Schranz, Master’s student at University of St.Gallen

“Susan Wojcicki inspires me – she motivated me to pursue a career pathway in computer science & coding. My master’s degree in technology is my 3rd degree. Susan was the 1st marketing manager of Google in 1999. She fought against discrimination at technology companies & inspired girls to prioritize coding & computer science. She co-developed & launched Google Image Search, & in 2017, she ranked #6 on Forbes list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.”

Dinara Akmurzina, Master’s student at New Bulgarian University

“Every morning I wake up with the passion to make a difference. I want to inspire other women by showing them they can do it all: You can have an academic career, a business career and you can have a family and children at the same time. Break all barriers, overcome all prejudices, just work hard to reach your aspirations.”

Derya Yurt, Ph.D. student, Sabanci University