Celebrating the women of The Bright Initiative

In honor of International Women’s Day this year, we decided to take a deeper look into the incredibly strong, bold, and intelligent women of The Bright Initiative – our partners.

Reaching the remarkable with public web data

For the safeguarding, betterment, and survival of our society, DataTech has a crucial role to play.

The Bright Initiative at Improvate conference in Jerusalem

Bright Data CEO Or Lenchner spoke about the real-world capabilities of the Bright Initiative, and what the organization is doing to drive forth positive global change in a panel alongside world-renowned musician and tech entrepreneur of the Black Eyed Peas.

Millennials and Gen Zers Give New Meaning to ‘Working for the Environment’

It’s hard to ignore the increasing number of floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and droughts wreaking havoc around the world. As the intensity of these natural disasters grows, so too does global awareness of, and concern for, the world’s ecosystems, especially among today’s Millennials (ages 25-40) and Gen Zers (teens and those in their early to mid-20s). This may explain why they are more focused on combating the climate crisis, both personally and professionally, than their predecessors.

Or Lechner makes a second appearance at the UK think-tank Institute for Government (IFG) ’˜Data Bites’ event

Covering topics from Internet transparency, Data4Good, ESG data, bots, and industry best practices, The Bright Initiative by Bright Data becomes one of the few organizations to sponsor the event for the second time.

A year of progress on the UK’s National Data Strategy

Guest post by Keren Pakes, General Manager, The Bright Initiative

Is Web Data the Latest Eco-Warrior Fighting Climate Change?

The Bright Initiative has joined forces with Subak, the world’s first global non-profit accelerator to tackle the climate crisis. The Bright Initiative by Bright Data is providing Subak with web data tools to create solutions aiming to combat the climate emergency.

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