Gender Gap in Business Founders

Uncovering Gender Disparities in Global Business Leadership
Women Rights and Empowerment
Gender Equality


Susan Walsh, known as The Classification Guru, embarked on a comprehensive study leveraging Bright Data’s advanced public web data classification tools. Her research was driven by a mission to explore the representation of women among cross-industry company founders on Crunchbase, aiming to provide a clearer picture of gender dynamics in the global business landscape.

  • Spotlighting gender disparity in global company founders
  • Emphasizing the need for greater business diversity and inclusion


Walsh aimed to uncover the extent of gender disparity among company founders on a global scale. To achieve this, she needed accurate and comprehensive data from Crunchbase. Through partnering with The Bright Initiative, Walsh utilized the Dataset Marketplace to access a vast dataset necessary for her analysis.


The research illuminated a significant gender disparity with  business founders, with only 10% of approximately 8,800 active companies globally listed on Crunchbase, being founded or owned by women. Furthermore, the funding received by male founders vastly outweighs that of their female counterparts. Such insights underscore the need for more inclusive practices and policies in the business world to bridge this gap.

Business Wire: Insights Gained Through Bright Data Reveal Just 10% of Cross-Industry Company Founders Are Women