Acquihiring: The New Hiring Strategy

Exploring the rise of “acquihiring” through mergers and acquisitions
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Labor, Economy, and Growth
City University of Hong Kong and Southern Methodist University bright initiative


Dr. Feng Zhang, an Associate Professor of Finance at Southern Methodist University, and Dr. Shenje Hshieh, an Assistant Professor of Finance at City University of Hong Kong, collaborated on a groundbreaking research study. Their research, titled “Hiring High-Skilled Labor through Mergers and Acquisitions,” explores the dynamics of labor force transformations during significant corporate events, such as mergers and acquisitions.


The researchers faced the challenge of understanding the intricate dynamics of labor force changes during pivotal corporate events and whether these events lead to “acquihiring” practices. To address this challenge, they partnered with The Bright Initiative. By leveraging Bright Data’s LinkedIn Dataset from the Dataset Marketplace, they were able to obtain comprehensive data on employee profiles and behaviors, enabling them to analyze and draw conclusions about the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the labor force.


The research illuminated the strategy of “acquihiring,” where firms strategically acquire skilled personnel through mergers and acquisitions rather than direct hiring. The insights derived from the LinkedIn data, showcased that many firms are adopting this strategy to meet their labor demands. The findings suggest that skilled labor is a significant driver of acquisitions, and “acquihiring” has emerged as an effective means to obtain such labor.

Research: “Hiring High-Skilled Labor through Mergers and Acquisitions”

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