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Delivering targeted relief to people and animals in conflict zones
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Aid Ukraine UK Bright Initiative


Aid Ukraine UK is a non-profit organisation (NGO) formed in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. The organisation is dedicated to assisting families and animals affected by the war. With a network of volunteers on the ground, they provide targeted relief to those trapped in war-torn regions, ensuring they receive essential supplies and support. They also play a pivotal role in evacuating those who can leave the conflict zones. Their efforts extend to animals, ensuring they are fed, moved to safety, and rehomed if necessary. Additionally, Aid Ukraine UK offers advocacy services for Ukrainian families in the UK, guiding them through cultural differences and helping them settle in their new homes.


The primary challenge faced by Aid Ukraine UK was the identification of shelters and humanitarian aid providers within Ukraine, especially in the midst of a war. They needed to extract crucial information from social media platforms to determine which areas and shelters were in need of assistance. To address this challenge, they partnered with The Bright Initiative. By leveraging Bright Data’s data collector, they scraped publicly available data from social platforms to gather addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of aid providers and shelters.


The partnership significantly amplified the impact of Aid Ukraine UK’s efforts. With access to these advanced data collection tools, they were able to efficiently identify and prioritise areas in Ukraine that required urgent support. This data-driven approach enabled them to allocate resources more effectively, ensuring that aid reached those who needed it the most, both humans and animals. The collaboration not only streamlined their operations but also reinforced their mission to combat inequality and provide relief in conflict zones.

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