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Automating Digital Outreach for Hope

Streamlining influencer outreach to champion pediatric brain tumor awareness.

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Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Bright Initiative
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The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) is a dedicated non-profit organization that stands as a beacon of hope for children diagnosed with pediatric brain tumors in the US. Their mission encompasses funding innovative projects, advocating for groundbreaking clinical trials, and offering resources and community support tailored to the unique needs of affected families.

  • Amplifying advocacy and fundraising efforts through data collection automation.
  • Extending digital reach and forming new partnerships, faster.


To bolster their advocacy and fundraising efforts, the PBTF identified the potential of collaborating with digital influencers on platforms like However, the manual process of collecting publicly available contact details of these influencers was time-consuming and resource-intensive. Recognizing the need for automation, PBTF collaborated with The Bright Initiative. Their goal is to harness Bright Data’s Custom Datasets product to automate the collection of influencer data, including emails, streamer information, and social media links.


The partnership and use of data tools has completely transformed the PBTF’s outreach strategy. Automated data collection drastically reduced the time required for influencer outreach, enabling the PBTF to focus on their core mission. As a result, they could amplify their message, raise greater awareness, and secure more funds to support children battling brain tumors.

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