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Mathison is a technology platform dedicated to fostering equitable and inclusive workplaces. Their mission is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their full potential at work. By leveraging technology, Mathison aids organizations in creating, measuring, and executing their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, ensuring a more inclusive work environment.

  • Centralizing hundreds of inclusive talent networks, streamlining the diversity hiring process
  • Enabling access to vast amounts of online profile data, essential for building the required talent network
  • Mathison’s solutions have been adopted by major companies, emphasizing its role in promoting DEI in the corporate world


Mathison’s challenge was to build an all-in-one system that manages diversity recruiting, strategy measurement, and reporting. Their platform centralizes hundreds of inclusive talent networks and uses AI to assist employers in finding the right candidates for pivotal roles. To achieve this, Mathison required vast amounts of publicly available online profile data. The Bright Initiative provided the solution and with Bright Data’s Data Center and ISP Proxies, Mathison could efficiently collect the necessary data, which was crucial in building its expansive talent network.

The Bright Initiative has been an extremely valuable partner in helping us meet our growing demands for online data, as we’re able to outsource our data collection and management efforts. Without their technology, we’d be forced to build and maintain data sets manually every time we partner with a new organization, which would take time and resources away from our team’s ultimate goal of matching underrepresented talent with their dream jobs.

Dave Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO, Mathison


Mathison’s innovative platform has the potential to transform the way organizations approach DEI. By centralizing talent networks and using AI-driven insights, employers can more effectively source diverse candidates, reduce biases, and foster a more inclusive workplace culture. This not only benefits individual employees but also enhances the overall productivity and reputation of organizations. Companies like Hello Fresh, TripAdvisor, and Sonos have already benefited from Mathison’s platform, showcasing its effectiveness and impact.

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