Digital Vigilance in Civic Life

Harnessing AI to scrutinize and counteract digital misinformation.
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The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is a non-partisan and a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen civic life in America. The Algorithmic Transparency Institute (ATI) is a program under the NCoC which focuses on enhancing transparency in digital platforms that influence civic discourse. They achieve this by developing tools, collecting data, and supporting analysis to understand the role of digital media in the spread of problematic content and its broader impact on society. ATI has a proven track record in developing digital public infrastructure technology projects, such as Junkipedia, which is used by various organizations to monitor and catalog problematic content on a range of subjects.

  • Enabling to efficiently collect public social media data using cutting-edge proxy products.
  • Monitoring and analyzing misinformation on social media platforms.


In the digital age, misinformation spreads rapidly across social media platforms. ATI recognized the need to monitor, report, and analyze this misinformation to ensure a well-informed public. To address this challenge, ATI developed a data collector to gather and analyze data from public pages on social media platforms. With the support of The Bright Initiative and the utilization of Bright Data’s Residential Proxies, ATI is now able to access and collect the required public social media data efficiently.


By leveraging Bright Data’s technology, ATI has been able to enhance its research capabilities, allowing for a deeper understanding of the algorithms and processes of digital platforms. This empowers individuals and organizations with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape more effectively. As a result, there’s a fostering of a more informed and engaged citizenry, which aligns with NCoC’s mission of strengthening civic life in America.

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