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Queen Mary University of London, a globally recognized research-intensive institution, collaborated with The Bright Initiative to host a series of virtual workshops titled “The Web Data Revolution – At Our Service.” These sessions aimed to enlighten students about the prevalence and significance of data in today’s world. Erez Naveh, Bright Data’s VP of Product, and Keren Pakes, Chief Brand Officer, provided invaluable insights into the tech industry, emphasizing the intertwined nature of data, brands, and daily life.


The workshop was designed to equip students with a profound understanding of data’s role across various career paths. By emphasizing the positive potential of web data, the initiative sought to dispel common misconceptions and highlight how data can be a force for good in society. The collaboration also opened doors for potential internships and hands-on experiences for Queen Mary students with Bright Data, ensuring practical exposure to the world of data.

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Queen Mary Careers and The Bright Initiative Collaborate On Data Skills Workshop