Bridging Data Skills Gap in The UK

Training underprivileged students through upReach’s Tech500 Bootcamp
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upReach is a UK-based social mobility charity that aims to help undergraduates from less-advantaged backgrounds secure and sustain top graduate jobs. The Bright Initiative, known for its expertise in data skills, partnered with upReach to conduct a series of workshops as part of the Tech500 Bootcamp. The workshops were designed to introduce students to the global data industry and equip them with the skills needed for a data-driven economy.

  • Over 100 students from diverse backgrounds participated in the Tech500 Bootcamp, gaining exposure to a variety of tech and non-tech skills
  • The Bright Initiative’s workshops focused on real-time data skills, preparing students for the demands of a data-driven economy.
  • Culminated in group projects that provided students with hands-on experience, simulating a professional tech environment.
upreach bright initiative

The Bright initiative has given fantastic support to upReach, in particular to students on our Tech500 Programme. They ran some really impactful skills workshops as part of our Assessed Virtual Summer Internship and Tech Summer Bootcamp, and took part in the first of our Tech Speaker Series, giving the students we work with valuable insights into careers in data.

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The collaboration between upReach and The Bright Initiative has the potential to significantly impact social mobility in the UK by equipping students with the data skills they need for the future job market. The workshops not only provided technical skills but also offered soft skills training and networking opportunities, thereby creating a holistic educational experience. This initiative could serve as a blueprint for similar programs aimed at reducing the data skills gap and improving employability among disadvantaged communities.

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