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Exploring the implications of the hiQ Labs v.LinkedIn ruling for intellectual property and data science
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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a UN agency focused on fostering innovation and creativity through a balanced international IP system. The Bright Initiative partnered with WIPO’s Young Experts Program (YEP) to conduct an in-depth session on the recent US Federal Court ruling of hiQ Labs v. LinkedIn a case surrounding the laws of web scraping. This session served as the launchpad for a series of courses aimed at training the next generation of global IP leaders.

  • The partnership between The Bright Initiative and WIPO aims to train future global IP leaders in the intricacies of data law
  • The discussion on the HiQ Labs/LinkedIn ruling offers practical insights into the evolving landscape of intellectual property and data science


The impact of this session extends beyond mere academic discussion; it has the capability to shape future policy and legal frameworks in the intersection of intellectual property and data science. Through examining the hiQ Labs v. LinkedIn case, the session equips the next generation of IP leaders with the nuanced understanding needed to navigate the complex legal landscape of technology and data. This could lead to more effective and balanced IP policies, fostering innovation and creativity on a global scale. In addition, this session has led to a newly launched series of courses addressing WIPO’s Young Experts Program that was started in September 2022.

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