HCP’s Sentiment During Covid-19 Era

Analyzing healthcare professionals’ sentiments during the COVID-19 pandemic via Twitter
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Ben Gurion University, under the guidance of Associate Professor Rami Puzis, embarked on a research project to understand the emotional experiences of healthcare professionals (HCPs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. By analyzing X, formally Twitter, posts, the study aimed to gauge the sentiments and discourse of HCPs from the US and UK, both before and during the pandemic. The research utilized natural language processing (NLP) to assess the tweets of over 25,000 users.

  • Used NLP to analyze over 25,000 Twitter users’ sentiments
  • Highlighted the influence of local socio-political trends on HCPs’ experiences


The primary challenge was to accurately capture and analyze the vast amount of data from X to understand the views of HCPs during such a critical period. The Bright Initiative, using Bright Data’s leading web data technology, provided the necessary tools and support to effectively collect, process, and analyze this data, ensuring the research was both comprehensive and accurate.


The research showed that HCPs from both the US and UK shared common health, social, and political concerns related to the pandemic. However, it also revealed that their experiences were also influenced by local socio-political trends and cultural norms. For example, American HCPs showed a higher magnitude of negative emotions compared to their British counterparts, possibly a result of how the healthcare systems responded differently.  This invaluable insight can aid in tailoring support and resources for HCPs in future emergencies, ensuring their mental well-being is prioritized.

Research: Global and Local Trends Affecting the Experience of US and UK Healthcare Professionals during COVID-19: Twitter Text Analysis

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