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Empowering the UK’s transition to electric vehicles through public web data insights
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New AutoMotive is a transport research group backed by Subak, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK. With a robust platform that provides data tools and consumer products, New AutoMotive provides data about the transition to electric vehicles. They have developed tools such as the Electric Car Count, which analyzes EV sales by manufacturer and region, and ElectricCar.Guide, a consumer guide to EVs that includes a unique cost-saving estimation feature.

  • Playing a critical role in the UK government’s decision to ban new gas and diesel cars from 2030.
  • Leading impactful climate policy and global transition to clean transport using public web data.


Navigating the complex transition to electric vehicles poses significant challenges for governments, infrastructure providers, and consumers due to the vast amount of valuable, but unshared, data held within companies. New AutoMotive sought to bridge this information gap and partnered with The Bright Initiative to access the necessary public web data. Equipped with Bright Data’s web data tools, New AutoMotive is now able to extract and analyze large volumes of data on vehicles, emissions, and air pollution.

We benefited from incredible support from the Bright Initiative through getting access to public web data that we can use to influence government policy

Ben Nelmes, Co-founder & Head of Policy at New Automotive


Through the use of Web Unlocker and Custom Datasets, New AutoMotive has been able to play a pivotal role in shaping UK government policy. Most notably, they have contributed to the decision to ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars in the UK from 2030. As a result of this collaboration, New AutoMotive can now monitor trends, inform infrastructure planning, and ensure equitable transition opportunities for communities, ultimately driving forward the UK’s shift to clean, electric transport.

The Bright Initiative is a perfect fit for our research needs. As private companies often own the data we want to study, The Bright Initiative provides us with the tools to bridge the gap between private companies and research institutes. This partnership is exactly what we were looking for.

Ben Nelmes, Co-founder & Head of Policy at New Automotive

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