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Empowering students with real-time web data skills, enhancing their portfolios and future career paths.
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Nod Coding Bright Initiative


Nod Coding is an intensive 10-week-long data analytics coding bootcamp located in Stockholm, Sweden. The program emphasizes teaching the latest and most sought-after technologies, enabling students to build a robust coding portfolio for their future job search. As part of their curriculum, they collaborated with The Bright Initiative to provide a face-to-face and hands-on experience with the Bright Data market leading platform.


The collaboration with The Bright Initiative not only enhanced the students’ portfolios but also equipped them with practical skills in accessing real-time, high-quality public web data. This partnership ensures that the students are well-prepared for the demands of the modern tech industry, understanding the significance of data in various projects and research. The hands-on experience with a leading data platform significantly boosted their employability and readiness for real-world challenges.

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