Revolutionizing Recycling

Harnessing tech to simplify recycling habits in the UK
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Horizon App Bright Initiative


Horizon App an environmental tech organization that champions sustainable living through transparent, circular systems in food consumption and waste management, both in the UK and globally. With its app, users can scan product barcodes to access localized recycling guidelines, making recycling more effective and streamlined. 

The primary goals of the collaboration between Horizon and the Bright Initiative were to:

  • Map out recycling collection spots across the UK
  • Provide detailed descriptions of plastic products for alternative usage suggestions
  • Make recycling more accessible and user-friendly
  • Educate users further about waste reduction and responsible waste management


The challenge faced by Horizon was the need to map out recycling collection spots across the UK and provide detailed descriptions of plastic products to offer alternative usage suggestions. Partnering with the Bright Initiative, Horizon utilized Bright Data’s Custom Datasets to gather this essential data. This enabled the quick and efficient collection of over 30,000 recycling collection points from online public  data, which would have otherwise taken weeks to gather.


Since the app’s release in 2021, it has helped divert over 50,000 packaging components from landfills and has taught a large percentage of its 24,000 users how to waste less at home.
By providing actionable insights into recycling and waste reduction, Horizon is fostering a culture of responsible waste management, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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