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SUBAK is the world’s premier accelerator for climate-focused non-profits, connecting top talent from technology, environmental, and scientific domains with the aim of driving behavioral and policy change. In collaboration with The Bright Initiative, they offer access to technology, support, and expertise that enables a data-driven approach to combat climate change. The joint research paper “Unlocking Net Zero: How data can power our fight against climate change” sheds light on how data, especially from the web, can be harnessed for a sustainable future.


Powered by Bright Data, SUKAK’s Accelerator program provides its member organizations with the necessary tools and expertise to tap into large amounts of structured and publicly available data. Collectively, they aim to derive actionable insights from this vast sea of data to influence climate policy and drive impactful behavioral changes.


The collaborative efforts have produced significant results. The research paper, “Unlocking Net Zero”, is a testament to the power of data in climate action, highlighting successful case studies and providing recommendations for global society. One notable contribution is from New AutoMotive, backed by SUBAK, which assisted the UK government’s decision to ban new gas and diesel cars from 2030, fostering the transition to electric vehicles. Such outcomes demonstrate the tangible, real-world results from harnessing data for climate action.

“It is more urgent than ever to equip ourselves, our organizations, and policymakers with the best data and knowledge available to make critical decisions for our planet. We need to drastically transform our approach to data management towards an intrinsically collaborative approach, with an unrelenting North Star of climate action.”

Amali de Alwis, CEO, SUBAK

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